Monday, October 12, 2015

Why You Need to Winterize Your Irrigation System

As the cooler weather approaches, you’ll need to begin preparing your yard for winter.

In addition to the tree trimming, lawnmower maintenance and fall clean-up chores that come with this time of year, you also need to make sure your irrigation system is dried out and protected for the winter. This is called winterizing your irrigation system.

Winterizing your irrigation system involves completely removing the water from the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads. Although you may have drained all the water out of the system, it is not completely dried out.

Even the smallest amount of water can freeze, causing your pipes, pipefittings and valves to expand or crack, and your anti-siphon device – the most expensive part – can also be damaged. Additionally, if the water freezes in the backflow assembly, it can damage the internal components and crack the brass body.

Winterizing Techniques
Blue Ring Residential Services recommends three techniques to winterize your irrigation system:

Manual drain – This is where you shut off the irrigation system and open the valves, drain valves, drain cap and test cocks on the backflow device.

Automatic drain – Automatic drains open and drain water if the pressure in the piping is less than 10 PSI. You’ll need to shut off the irrigation system’s water supply and activate a station.

Blow Out Method – This method uses an air compressor to push excess water out of the system.

Why You Should Winterize Your Irrigation System
Here are other reasons why you should add winterizing your irrigation system to your fall to-do list:
  • It protects your system from the cold winter weather
  • It extends the life of your irrigation system
  • Your irrigation system is an investment, and winterizing it is part of protecting that investment
  • It saves you money on repairs for broken pipes
  • It protects your backflow device, which keeps water in your irrigation system from backing into your house
  • It protects your system’s bonnet and poppet assembly, located outside, which can break or crack, causing water to flow continuously until it is manually shut off.

For safety reasons, Blue Ring Residential Services strongly recommends hiring a professional to perform your system’s winterization. If you have an irrigation system, let us help you prepare for winter, safeguard your system, and protect your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (614) 633-6770.

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